Simple 6 Steps For a Successful Vlog

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To create a successful vlog you need to be motivated and determined as it is a lot of hard work. But there are some things that all successful vlogs have in common that you can learn from to make your success happen faster and with less effort. So here we have the 6 Steps of a successful vlog for you.

1. Set Goals for your Vlog

So what do you want to achieve with your vlog? Do you want to reach a specific number of subscribers? Make a specific income from your blog? Become the most successful vlogger in your niche? Maybe you want to achieve all of these things?

If you don’t set any goals for your vlog then you have no direction. It will not be obvious to you what actions you need to take because you don’t know where you are going. So sit down and write your short term and long term goals for your vlog and create a plan to achieve them.

2. Choose the Right Niche

You will read everywhere that you need to vlog about something you have a passion for. This is good advice, but if you want to make a substantial income from your vlog then it doesn’t always work well.

If you are passionate about collecting different types of rocks then there may not be a lot of ways to monetize this. There probably won’t be a big audience for this type of vlog either. People are usually interested in more than one thing in life so think about subjects that you can monetize if this is one of your goals.

3. Identify your Audience and find out what they want

Your vlog is very likely to fail if you don’t identify your target audience and find out what they are looking for. What is the age range of your target viewers? Are they likely to be males or females or a good balance? What are they really interested in?

The more you find out about your target audience the better. They are very likely to have problems that they need solutions for and you can create some videos to provide these solutions. When you give people what they want they will be happy to subscribe and tell the world about your vlog.

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4. Be Consistent

All successful vloggers are consistent. It doesn’t matter if they have millions of subscribers they still regularly create videos and upload often. Some have been vlogging for many years. So don’t start your vlog lightly. It is a big commitment and you need to stick with it through thick and thin.

5. Quality not Quantity

Nobody is going to be impressed that you have hundreds of low-quality videos on your vlog channel. People don’t expect to watch low-quality videos nowadays. High-quality recording equipment is available at a very cheap price and there are lots of good free video editing suites around. There is no excuse for poor quality videos.

6. Use Stories in your Videos

People really like stories so tell them yours. When you show the viewers aspects of your life and share your stories with them they will feel a real connection with you. Treat your audience as your friends and welcome them into your life.

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