Is Yoga Good For Anxiety?

Is Yoga Good For Anxiety

Nowadays many people suffer from anxiety problems. Panic disorder can impact an individual’s life in many different ways; they can put a strain on the mind, body or on general well-being. The one who is going through anxiety feels very depressed and is surrounded by negative thoughts and vibes. The people lose control over him/her and this has effects on one’s quality of life. In spite of the challenges one faces during these panic attacks and anxiety there are methods and self-help strategies to deal with such anxiety disorders.

There are countless self-care techniques and relaxation methods accessible to assist one to feel relaxed and calm. The most preferable exercises to get instant relaxation are slow and long breathing, stretching exercises and mental imagery. These exercises help to reduce and control anxiety and panic symptoms.

Yoga is helpful in coping up with panic and anxiety disorders

When someone is suffering from anxiety and depression attacks, it pushes them away from people, they start living alone and at times feel isolated and lonely. Practicing yoga is a way through which one can start mingling up with people, start socializing with people by communicating and sharing our thoughts. During this phase, a person traumatized with such disorder is generally surrounded by negative thoughts and becomes too anxious about little things.

Yoga helps to control and provide ease from stress and pain. Yoga surely assists in maintaining the body shape but also helps to cope with anxious thoughts. Yoga poses are also known as asanas and are helpful in relieving the discomfort that occurred in the body by such anxiety attacks. In day to day life, one of the third person face anxiety and nervousness, students getting anxiety for their academics results, nervousness about a first job interview or first date. Having fear of normal cases is just like a pinch of salt in food and which is acceptable to bring life well disciplined, concentrated and energetic.

The main issue arises when such fear is perennial and is so powerful that it starts interrupting with one’s everyday life and takes the shape of panic and anxiety disorder and this is the point where yoga plays a vital role. Yoga for sure is helpful but it is considered to take doctor’s advice too.

Yoga practice helps to overcome anxiety

Performing yoga on a regular basis helps to feel relaxed and calm; it also gives strength and power to face every situation that comes across without getting tensed. Yoga includes all the types of exercises (asanas and pranayamas) and meditation which helped many people diagnosed with anxiety and provided with a whole new strength and positivity. Yoga is a practice which does not have any side effects and is an inexpensive treatment that can be used by the anxiety patients over a long period of time. As yoga is a mind-body exercise, it helps to create awareness of the link between mind and body through which one feels relaxed and calm.


Yoga is the only way that does not have any side effects, inexpensive and easy to add in the lifestyles of the people. Yoga not only provides physical fitness but also provides mental peace and satisfaction. When Yoga is included in the daily schedule and is practiced on a regular basis, one can himself/herself feel the freshness and the new energy their body got engrossed with. Yoga assists oneself to find inner peace, helps to connect with nature and provide whole new thinking to live a relaxed and peaceful life. 

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