How To Get More Views To Your Vlog Videos

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You should always be looking at ways to get more views on your vlog videos so we have some great ideas for you in this article. Some of these things are obvious and we make no apology for discussing them. You will be surprised how many vlog owners get the basics wrong.

Create Videos that your Audience Want

Here is the first of the obvious things. You need to know what your audience wants and give it to them. People will have questions that they want answers to in your niche so make it your business to find out what these are and create videos around them.

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Make sure your Videos are High Quality

This is obvious suggestion number two. People don’t want to watch grainy videos or videos that have poor sound quality. If a video looks like you slung together then this is not going to impress. Invest in a good camera and microphone and edit your videos properly.

People will not be expecting Hollywood style videos but they will expect quality. With the amount of low cost, high-quality equipment around nowadays there really is no excuse for poor quality. Plan your videos so that they start well, flow properly and end well.

Be Different

If you want to start a travel vlog for example then be different. There are lots of travel vlogs out there and a lot of them are the same. So inject your personality into your videos and don’t follow the herd.

Maybe you could visit different locations that are off the beaten track. All travel vlogs have a video about London for example, so why not choose another city in the UK instead? People will really appreciate your different approach and you will get more views and subscribers

a vlogger making a vlog on the street

Optimize your Videos for Search

You not only want your video to rank highly in a YouTube search but well-optimized videos can also appear in Google search results as well. Do some keyword research and create appealing, keyword-rich titles. Add the word “Video” to your title as this will help to rank it in Google.

Write a keyword-rich description that tells people what the video is about. People do not want to be deceived so don’t say that it is about something when it isn’t. Use related keywords in your video tags.

Create Attractive Thumbnails

You don’t have to stick with thumbnails that YouTube chooses from your video. You can create your own and upload them. It is really worth creating your own thumbnails to attract more views. Most of the really popular videos on YouTube have custom thumbnails.

Create a Unique Video Intro

A high-quality video intro tells people that you are serious about your vlog and your brand. You don’t have to create this yourself. Just find a freelancer that has the skills to do this for you and let them have your ideas and logo etc

Have a Unique Outro Too

You can use your outro to remind people to like your video, share it and subscribe to your vlog channel. It can be a short video clip or even a still image. Make your outro humorous and this will encourage regular viewers to watch your videos through until the end.

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