5 Original Ideas for Gift Wrapping ?

Gift Wrapping Ideas

Here for you 5 Original Gift Wrapping Ideas ? that will inspire you.  You will make a big impression, your beloved will be thrilled, even before opening them.

Have you started with your Christmas gifts wrapping yet? Make sure you prepare and plan days before. Make it an enjoyable thing to do.

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Black wrapping paper and white marker

The black wrapping paper and white (or yellow) marker make the gifts look very personalized.

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Hand Painted Touch

Another Time-saving original gift warping idea and at the same time very simple. Use brown paper and a black (or use the color you prefer)  maker to imitate a real bow.

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Sheet Music as Wrapping Paper

Use a piece of sheet music you can pick up for a discounted at the local music store and finished with smooth satin. The satin will give it a luxurious and original look  

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  Old newspaper as Wrapping Paper

Using an old newspaper can be also an original idea for wrapping your gifts. Make sure to choose pages with special font, characters and illustrations. The Smooth satin can give it a luxurious and original look.  

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Brass cookie cutters as a decoration

Personnely I find this very original. You can use a delicate wallpaper as wrapping paper, then decorate them with Brass cookie cutters as a decoration

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